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DRM Top 10 - Most Badass Looking Male Characters

The Oscars are this weekend and that means we're about to get flooded with 'Best and Worst Dressed' lists for the next month. So to combat this we here at the DRM Gamecast have several best dressed list coming that you might care a bit more about! (This list only includes default costumes, and non-licensed characters).

10. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Ghost 
A fan favorite based on looks alone. Being fully decked out in military gear is common in video games but the skull mask and shades is what got everyone excited. Not only does it look awesome but it gives him a great sense of dark mystery. Too bad he’s killed 2/3 of the way through the story. I still haven’t forgave Infinity Ward for that. What a waste.

9. Dishonored - Corvo 
Like Ghost, this pick is mostly for the mask. The mechanical skull face looked great with the all black gear, and they pulled off the hood without it feeling like it an assassin’s creed rip off. Plus the glowing hand tattoo looked sweet too.

8. Hitman Series - Agent 47 
His look hasn't changed much over the years but the suit with red tie still works. His never smiling, grizzled look with shaved head and bar code tattoo just screams don’t fuck with this guy!

7. Gears of War 3 - Cole
Cog gear always looks sweet but Cole's extra size and attitude sells him as the most Badass of the group. In GoW3 his look was given a bit of over haul with the sleeveless cog suit and giving him a shaved head and bandanna. I'm still trying to forget that thrash ball memory scene though...

6. Vanquish - Sam Gideon 
Full body power armor suits are a dime a dozen in video games, but Gideon’s power sliding, white and blue suit is one of my favorites. This picture doesn't do it justice, you have to see it in action. Plus one of the few smoking heroes out there.

5. God of War series - Kratos 
Even Xbox gamers, like me, have to admit that few game characters look as badass as Kratos. Armed with huge blades on chains and the ash-white with red color scheme, what’s not to like? I promise no more bald guys after this.

4. Halo Reach - Emile
Yet another Ghost like character but this one is my absolute favorite. He is by far the coolest looking Spartan in the Halo universe. Sporting a gold MJOLNIR EVA helmet with a smiling skull scratched into it and always rocking a shotgun. But beyond sweet gear, his attitude and self-sacrifice put him in the top 5. “I’m ready, how ‘bout you!” was his final words as he pulls an energy sword out of his chest and stabs it though the neck of the elite who put it there, pretty much says it all.

3. Ninja Gaiden (2004) - Ryu Hayabusa 
My favorite game of all time right here and that wasn't hurt at all by the fact that Ryu looks amazing in his all black ninja armor with silver head crest. The ultimate badass ninja right here and he knows it.

2. Devil May Cry series - Dante
The original Dante not the emo reboot Dante that should be put down. I should say now that I’m not a fan of the Devil May Cry games but that doesn't change the fact that Dante looks amazing. With the bright red coat and white hair he’s definitely not going for stealth and has attitude for miles. I would argue the whole reason this franchise has done as well as it has is because of his look.

1. Otogi 2 - Raikoh

I know what most of you are thinking: “Who?”. Otogi is a hidden gem of a game from the original Xbox days. Raikoh has a rather unique look with a weird tall hat, and a bone/rock/metal combo for his armor. He never says a word in the games or shows any emotion, but rips his enemy’s to pieces with flash and speed that Raiden in Revengeance would be jealous of. The end all be all. Now where’s my Otogi 3?
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  1. The reboot Dante wasn't "emo". Play the (far superior) game and you'd see that.

    1. Lol I knew someone would comment on that. DOA unfortunately didn't play the new DMC.

  2. It's not about the game.. if it was god of war and dmc wouldn't be on here


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