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The Order 1886 Review

Sony's first big exclusive of the year finally hit shelves this week. Ready At Dawn are known for pushing their target console to the max. Most importantly though, can they deliver a fun and engaging experience?

Developer: Ready at Dawn
Publisher: Sony
Format: PS4
Release Date: February 20th, 2015
Copy purchased
Ryse of the Order

First off, this game is one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful looking console game around. Everything about it from hair and eyes on the character models to the scenery is simply breathtaking and it really does set an incredibly high standard for future games. The letterbox mode in this game is a lot less intrusive compared to The Evil Within and it does a great job of creating a cinematic experience. The amazing graphics don't stop at cutscenes either, the in game graphics are just as stunning and the transition from cutscene to gameplay is seamless.

The music compliments the game perfectly too. It picks up in the action sections and falls to the background for the cutscenes. The tunes sound like they were made in 1886. Voice acting is also top notch. Sir Galahad executes his lines perfectly and all the supporting cast do a great job. Some of the extra lines that you hear in combat can be a little cheesy but it's refreshing to have a game set in London that isn't riddled with lines such as "or'ite guvner?".

One of the main selling points for The Order is the story, and it doesn't disappoint. It is set in an alternate history London where the knights of the round table are nearly immortal, thanks to the holy grail, and have lived for centuries. They are much like our modern FBI/MI5 outfit in that they defend the country from the more severe crimes that the ordinary police cannot handle. One of the main backdrops are the Jack the Ripper killings and they play a really cool part in the story. I won't go into anymore detail to avoid spoilers but the story is really interesting and sets an awesome foundation for potential sequels.

Gameplay is where the game falls short. The gameplay itself is incredibly smooth and is a very solid third person shooter. The guns are really cool and the gunplay itself is satisfying. It even features stealth sections, which are actually done incredibly well. The lycan fights are hit and miss however. Fighting the elders, while heavily QTE based, makes you feel like a badass. But fights against the normal lycans are frustrating and are no fun at all. They just consist of you sitting in a corner and shooting until one falls down so you can run up and execute them. These fights are the worst part of the game. Speaking of QTEs the game relies pretty heavily on them. A lot of cutscenes will feature them but unlike most other games they don't feel forced. They actually fit very well into this game.

However, even though it does everything right (except the lesser lycan fights) it fails simply because there is not enough of it. A lot of the game is spent in cutscenes and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, to pull it off it needed more action to break it up.

Trophies in the game could be amazing or terrible depending on how you look at it. There are only 22 and feature absolutely no creativity within the list and you are only tasked with various kills, collectibles, and beating the game on any difficulty. There isn't even a trophy for beating the game on hard. So it is an incredibly easy Platinum but they seriously lack any kind of imagination.

Ready At Dawn have managed to set a spectacular foundation for a series with many different options they could go with in potential sequels.While this game does feel like Sony's answer to Microsoft's Ryse the story was awesome and the gameplay was awesome despite the lack of it, so with a little bit more development time sequels are set to be groundbreaking. On it's own The Order 1886 is far from a bad game and is definitely worth your time but it definitely feels like its made for something bigger and better!

+Guns and Gunplay
+Elder lycan fights
-Lesser lycan fights
-Lack of gameplay


What I Played: Beat the story on the hardest difficulty setting unlocking 13 of the 22 trophies in the process. The review purchased a retail copy of the game.
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