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Resident Evil Remaster Quick Review

19 years after the original release and 13 years after the release of the remake, does the grand daddy of survival horror games still hold up with a HD touch up? Or are it's best days long gone?

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: January 20th, 2015
Copy purchased
First thing you will notice when you load it up is a much more beautiful game. The lighting is especially amazing, even more so in the Xbox One version of the game. It is also in 16:9 aspect ratio for the first time (Widescreen). The character models do however still look a little rubbery. It also seems like the some of the cutscenes haven't been given the same treatment. Xbox 360 suffers from a few hitches in frame rate here and there too. On a whole though the game is very nice to look at, even more so on Xbox One.

Being a remaster of the 2002 release of the game a lot of the cheesier lines are not in the game. What replaces the original lines are very bland and uninspired. The corniness of the original gave you a laugh to break up the tension of the game whereas here they're pretty boring. The sound effects within the game play though are superb and cause a real sense of unease while exploring the mansion and its surrounding grounds. The gunfire on Xbox 360 sounds a little more muffled but aside from that is equally as superb.

The original game featured "Tank Controls" which is a very unique control scheme that takes some time getting used to. However in this version there is an alternate control scheme where whichever direction you press is the direction you go. This seems like it would be much better but with the fixed camera angles you can very easily get lost and confused in the camera transitions which can cost you your life on higher difficulties. Tank Controls are definitely worth getting used to but it's not much fun until you do.

Once you get over whichever hurdle with the controls you will be exploring the mansion. Which is fun and intense at first, with the slow opening of doors and sense of isolation. But after a while if you don't make progress and stumble onto whatever key you need it can be a chore. Also the aforementioned slow opening of doors also becomes boring after a couple of playthroughs. That being said the game offers amazing replay value with many different modes plus items and costumes to unlock. There's a lot to do for you $20/£16

The achievements in the game encourage you to explore all the available game modes and also provides some unique options such as beating the game without saving or with only a knife. There are also a bunch of story related achievements so even if you decide one playthrough is enough you can get a decent amount of them. As a whole though it's a solid list that won't be tackled easily but with a bit of patience and practice becomes very doable.

+ Scenery is amazing
+ Puzzles are fun
+ Replay value is huge
+ Audio creates a sense of unease
+ Still a pretty scary game 19 years later
- Not knowing what you are doing can be boring
- Some of the voice acting is very bland
- Controls take some getting used to (either version)
- (360 only) quality is generally slightly worse

Xbox One Score: 8.5
Xbox 360 Score: 8.0

What I Played: 7 playthroughs as Jill and 2 as Chris. Completing the game on all available settings and attaining most of the achievements on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
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