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Don Bradman's Cricket Quick Review

By Bond OO7

With a serious drought in cricket games in recent years Don Bradman steps up to the crease to fill the gap. Unfortunately this is a simple port of the last generation "Don Bradman's Cricket 14", but can it knock us for six? Or does it hit out for a duck?

Developer: Big Ant Studios
Publisher: Tru Blu Entertainment
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: February 11th, 2015
Copy provided by publisher
Simply put the graphics are terrible. Even as a port of a last generation game they could have, and should have, been better. They're reminiscent of a 2007 game. The details surrounding the pitch lack any form of texture and even inside the boundary the graphics are seriously lacking detail. The characters themselves look incredibly plastic and the grass resembles green paint. Most of the edges are consisted of straight lines giving the whole game a very cheap look. The animations aren't much better either. Bowling appears serviceable as does the batting. But more often than not the animations and the ball just don't line up correctly. Fielding animations also don't line up. Overall a very poor show visually.

The menu music does it's job well enough giving you some fairly generic tunes that aren't too intrusive but at the same time not very memorable either. During gameplay you'll hear ball on wood, but it doesn't have the weighty satisfying sound that smacking a ball should have. The screams of appeal from the crowd don't have the volume one would expect either. While not as bad as the graphics they still should have been much better.

Don Bradman's Cricket introduces a new control scheme to the cricket games. It all revolves around using the analog sticks. With bowling it works pretty well, it actually feels fairly intuitive once you know how it works. However with the batting you will find yourself, more often than not, pressing all the wrong buttons and feeling generally frustrated by the mechanics. The controls for batting back in Ashes 09' worked much better and were a lot more fun. They tried going for realism in this game and completely failed. It's not enjoyable and it fails to be a satisfying experience.

Game modes include a Career Mode much like other sports games wherein you create and control and individual character. There are a lot of customization options for your characters but with the horrendous graphics he'll always look terrible. Career allows you to progress through the ranks and ultimately become an international legend. It's works pretty well but when you aren't at the receiving end for batting it gets pretty boring. Online is an option as well but I tried multiple times to find a game to no avail. It doesn't seem many people bought the game and considering the lofty price tag placed on it, I'm not surprised. There's also your traditional casual game mode where you get to take on all the roles and that is where the most fun lies but is is severely hampered by the mechanics mentioned earlier.

The achievements in the game are a copy and paste list of the last generation version. You are required to play the game for a lot of time to accomplish some of them such as 16000 runs and 800 wickets. You can obtain a good amount fairly quickly though if you're actively pursuing them. However at the time of writing one of the achievements is unattainable.

+The bowling is fun
-The batting is overly complicated
-Terrible graphics
-Lackluster sounds
-Ridiculously high price tag
-Generally unsatisfying

Score: 3.5/10

What I Played: Xbox One. Spent around 7 hours testing out the various game modes and failing to find any online matches. A code was supplied by the developer.
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