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DRM Gamecast Interview With Rich Stone!

UPDATE: You can listen to our full interview with Rich Stone HERE

The DRM Gamecast will be interviewing Rich Stone, the owner of TrueAchievements.com and TrueTrophies.com for this week's episode! We've been planning this out for a while now and can't wait to air the episode this Saturday.

We also want to allow our fans the chance to ask some of their own questions. Keep in mind that we have a lot to ask Rich and your questions may overlap with ours. But if there are a few that we like, we'll be sure to ask them for you!

Simply post your questions in the comment section below and stay tuned for the full interview this Saturday.
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  1. What made you to start a website about achievements at the time?

  2. What's it like running all of the different scanners and stuff? How does that even work?

    1. Good question! We'll definitely ask this one for you. That what were looking for, random questions from listeners. We already have our question list so get creative if you want your question asked!

  3. Any updates on your office (TrueAchievements' holdout)?

    - Purple Fears

  4. What are your thoughts on all the broken games released in 2014 and how will it affect future AAA games?

  5. Will there be a time when members can buy pro accounts using credit cards instead of paypal accounts?


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