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10 New Changes from the Battlefield Hardline Beta

10. Modern Vehicles replace Military vehicles.

Sports cars, police squad cars, police motorcycles, and transport helicopters are just a few of the new style of vehicles in Hardline. Yes, they are just a new skin over the usual military vehicles, but they add to the new look and speed of Hardline.

9. Crazy audio and Dialog

Not only do cars play songs on the radio station, which you can also change, but the cops and criminals both have tons of crazy dialogue lines. I couldn't stop laughing when a cop jumped into a car in front of me and the radio started blasting KRS One "Sound of Da Police". Even little additions such as spotting with the criminals produces a middle finger animation instead of pointing.

8. Purchasing Battle Packs with in-game money

Battle Packs make a return to Hardline, but the main difference here is that you can now purchase them with the in-game currency as compared to the microtransactions required in Battlefield 4.

7. New set of melee weapons

In Battlefield 4, all of the melee weapons were different types of knives. Hardline is much more creative with the inclusion of Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs, Sledge Hammers, knives, and much more.

6. Stun Gun

The Stun Gun is a non-lethal sidearm that allows you to interrogate an enemy and reveal the location of his nearby teammates.

5. Gain rep for staying alive and obtaining points

As a bonus for staying alive and gaining points, players receive a Rep Perk which gives them a slight advantage on the battlefield. Players can choose from Extra Clips, Faster Climbing, Less Fall Damage, Faster Aim, and so on.

4. Hotwire is awesome (with friends)

Hotwire is a completely new game mode for Hardline. Instead of static flag points, players fight over vehicles that act as the usual capture points. To gain points, players must drive the vehicles at high speeds and stay within the boundaries of the map. This mode essentially turns into an all out destruction derby with cars zipping all over the map. Teammates can hang out of the window of cars and doors of vans to shoot at opposing players. This mode is really fun to play with a friend or two who can ride shotgun with you.

3. Join squads through the main menu

After confusingly removing the feature for Battlefield 4, Visceral has corrected the mistake by allowing players to create a squad of up to five players, from the main menu, and join a match together.

2. Run faster with a pistol

Battlefield Hardline is much faster than previous Battlefield games. Not only are the maps scaled down, but your character runs much faster when you have a pistol equipped versus a primary weapon.

1. Money system instead of XP

The best new feature is the Money system, which replaces the usual XP system. Instead of gaining XP for kills, assists, completing objects, etc. you know receive money. That money stays with you from game to game and can be used to purchase weapons, attachments, gadgets, skins, and anything else you would have previously needed to unlock through XP progression. Some items are still locked behind kill requirements before you can purchase them, but this system allows for much more freedom of choice for players. You can either save your money until to get an expensive new primary weapon, or spend it right away on attachments and gadgets for your current loadout.
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