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DRM Completion Competition - Fan Voting.

UPDATE: Evolve will no longer be eligible for the Completion Competiton

Back in September the DRM Gamecast held a completion competition through TrueAchievements.com for Destiny. The first person to complete all of the original achievements, and was signed up for the competition, was declared the winner. The prize was a $50 Microsoft Gift Card and there were a little over 40 people that entered the competition. We want to continue to do competitions such as these and conduct them as best we can.

This time we're allowing our fans to choose the game for our next Completion Competition. On the side bar of our website you will find a poll with 7 different games listed. The games range from February to May release dates. It can be difficult for us to choose a game because we don't want to pick something so easy that the competition will be over in a few days. But we also don't want to pick a game that will last months.

That's it! Cast your vote on our site and check back for any updates.

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  1. Please. Add bloodborne on the list as well

    1. Good idea! We didn't even think about PS4 games because we use TrueAchievements.com for the leaderboards. Unfortunately I can't edit the leaderboard now that it is up. But we'll keep an eye out for future PS4 games.


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