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Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies (Day 3)

The Easter eggs are back! For better or for worse, the zombies Easter egg has returned to Call of Duty. I may be alone in my love of zombie Easter eggs, but I can't help but admire the skill, determination, focus, teamwork, and yes LUCK, that makes these tasks much more rewarding than surviving round after round.

The main issue with this new zombies mode is that it is very difficult to complete with four players. Doa, Rand, and myself along with another friend have previously completed all of the Easter egg achievements in four-player co-op. The main reason the Havoc DLC is more difficult with four players is a specific timing based task. The player must collect four badges around the map. One of these badges is received after Exo-Slamming a glass prison cell. However, if you aren't playing Solo then every player has to simultaneously slam the cell. This can prove nearly impossible with four players, and very difficult with three.

a 2rue Legacy and I ended up completing the Easter Egg in two-player co-op but it is very doable in Solo. The other factor, as always is luck. You have to get the "Cel-3 Cauterizer" from the 3-D Printer which is random luck as to when it will show up. There is a theory that if you hold 'X" as the guns are cycling through, you will get the gun that is currently showing. But we couldn't successfully reproduce that.

I'll still have to play some more, because I heard there were some multiplayer maps with this DLC... but so far Havoc has been surprisingly enjoyable and proved me wrong in believing it was going to be a boring re-skin of Exo-Survival.

We'll be discussing the new DLC on this weeks podcast.

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