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Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies (Day 1)

After playing a few hours of the new Exo Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I have to say that I am shocked. But it's a good shock. I wasn't expecting the Exo Zombies to be any different than their Exo Human counterparts. I don't think I'm alone in saying that Exo Survival in the base game was a far cry from the classic co-op modes of previous Call of Duty titles.

Exo Zombies feels familiar yet refreshingly new at the same time. The Perk-A-Cola upgrades from previous zombies modes are now replaced with Exo Suit upgrades. All of the classics are present such as Exo Health (Juggernog), Exo Reload (Speed Cola), and Exo Medic (Quick Revive). With a few more upgrades thrown in as well. Even the Mystery Box and Pack-A-Punch machine make returns as a 3-D Printer and Upgrade Station respectively.

The pacing of this new mode is what makes it stand out. That and possibly the exclusion of an elaborate Easter Egg (which I haven't attempted yet). As you probably figured out, some of the zombies have Exo Suits, giving them the ability to leap and run much faster. Even crawlers can be dangerous with an Exo Suit!

I'll be updating as I continue to play through the mode and attempt to unlock all of the achievements. Until then you can check out some gameplay of DOA hed, Rand al Thor 19, a 2rue Legacy, and myself playing through for about two hours.

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